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The BBC Sissy Pledge and Contract


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This is the BBC Sissy Pledge and Contract and contract for the enslavement of white sissy slaves by black masters!

Me (hereinafter THE SISSY), as a Big Black Cock (hereinafter BBC) devoted lover, I pledge to:

  1. Always do my best to be sexy for my MAN.
  2. Only wear feminine clothing, makeup, wigs, panties, bras, stockings, high heel shoes and/or lingerie. I will be HIS sissy bitch 24/7 unless it is not possible due to circumstances. (I.E.: work) I will keep my body shaven smooth for HIM. I will start hormone therapy to become more feminine if HE wishes.
  3. Make improvements, enhancements, procedures or surgeries if deemed necessary by and for my MAN.
  4. Be my MAN’s cumslut and cockwhore in the bedroom whenever HE pleases.
  5. Never refuse any sexual order from my MAN (unless said order is dangerous or harmful to the sissy.)
  6. Spend as much time as HE wants worshiping HIS Magnificent Big Black Cock and Balls with my sissy mouth.
  7. Give my sissy pussy to my MAN whenever HE wants it. It is HIS anyways!
  8. Give my sissy mouth and my sissy pussy to any BBC(‘s) that my MAN tells me too.
  9. Be used by a domme female if my MAN wishes it for HIS visual stimulation and enjoyment.
  10. Always take any and all BBC(‘s) bareback and beg to have my sissy pussy bred by their Superior Black seed.
  11. Perform ass to mouth whenever my MAN wants it. I will, as well always clean HIS Magnificent Black Cock with my sissy mouth after HE has bred my sissy pussy.
  12. Lick my MAN’s asshole if HE so desires.
  13. Be put into chastity whenever my MAN wants to lock me. I will not ask for nor beg for freedom. Freedom from the chastity device and being able to cum are at the discretion of my MAN. After all, my pleasure does not matter, only HIS does.
  14. Do my best to find suitable white females for my MAN to fuck if HE wishes. I will promptly clean HIS cum from her well fucked pussy or asshole as well as cleaning my MANS cock when HE is finished with her.
  15. Be photographed and videotaped by my MAN doing as I am told. I will post these pictures and videos online to show everyone who and what I am.
  16. Enjoy every degrading and humiliating thing my MAN says to me. I am HIS sissy bitch Black Cock sucking faggot and I will take HIS words as a badge of honor, no matter how degrading or humiliating, for they are ALL TRUE.
  17. Always know my place. It is to serve and honor that which is my God, Big Black Cock. I will kneel at the altar of my God on a daily basis. I will take the nectar of my God into any and all of my bodily orfices. I will never expel HIS seed. It will stay inside of me and become part of me, creating the need for more of HIS seed.
  18. Perform all of these things to my MAN. All I ask for and SHALL be granted in return by my MAN is that HE will never harm me, never allow another to harm me, never bind me in bondage and outside of the bedroom I am HIS partner, HIS love and HIS equal. Inside of the bedroom I am nothing more than a fucktoy for HIS enjoyment, pleasure and use, a vessel for HIS Potent Black seed.

As a BBC loving sissy I pledge all of the above parts of this contract upon my own free will. I am not being forced to sign this contract; it is my wish to give this pledge to my MAN. I am a worthless white sissy and I bow to the power of the Superior Black Man. Only my MAN may release the BBC loving sissy from this pledge/contract if HE has decided HE is finished with the BBC loving sissy. In that event, this pledge/contract is transferrable to any BBC of HIS choosing or it shall be considered null and void. HIS choice.

This pledge/contract is hereby considered to be legal and signed on this date:_________________, 20__. This is a binding contract, requiring BOTH parties to adhere to the stated pledge. If at any point this contract is not upheld by EITHER party, (without just cause) it shall be rendered null and void, with the injured party having the choice to continue to honor it, upon a complete review of the terms and a resigning of said contract, or to walk away from said contract with no ramifications what-so-ever.Signed:X_____________________________________________________________BBC Loving SissyX_____________________________________________________________BBC MAN

(Found it in http://annamalicesissyselfhypnosis.com, with little corrections as per the state-of-the-art practice of law).

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