I Have Become a BBC Sissy


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And the truth is there’s nothing I’d rather be

I’m surprised ….no

Relieved absolutely!

You see I was drunk and high and I sucked a black cock,I had a fiancé,I never played with cock before

But something changed when I took it into my hands and then lowered my mouth upon it at the end his seed shot into my mouth! not to mention the large volumes of pre-cum that filled  my mouth throughout my giving him my best sucking of his dick about halfway through my hesitation changed to desire and total satisfaction that in my mouth was a black cock I couldn’t believe it !!

I  found as time passed when I sucked his cock more and more and took his seed no only into my mouth but into what has become my pussy  sorry !!!! I mean his pussy see  belong to him now he’s my master &  Lord all I want to do is be submissive to him kind of makes me wonder if this is the way it was supposed to be in the first place ? With our light pale skin and small penises ,nothing more really than a large clitoris.

I will tell you that there’s nothing quite like taking a cock in your pussy all I want to know is I want to serve my black owner I  am his bitch I wish to be forced to suck dick, lick his ass, grow breasts, wear make up, pretty pink things I want to be such a faggot for my black God then I’ll do anything he tells me too!!! I’ll beg him to force me ! beg him to make me do nasty things to him ! I beg him to blackmail me and expose me as a white faggot it if I don’t do exactly what he tells me to do if he were to do this for me i’m sure I would end up married to him not that it matters he owns me anyway if he steps up to the plate he can make this little faggot do whatever he  wants this faggot would be happy if he told me I had to sleep with another man !a black man because that’s what he wanted I would do it over and over and over again.

If it would make him happy for me to become a prostitute faggot I would do with the black board is nothing I wouldn’t do to submit to him there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep sucking his cock taking his cock into pussy heaven i’m gonna tell you my journey throughout this blog I am a Say I suck dick would put panties on I’m gonna tell you when I have my bra on! I am going to tell you how fucking much of a faggot sissy bitch I become you can follow me from what was a pathetic white man that becomes cocksucking sissy faggot !!! black cock only white faggots

  • Yeah I am a black cock sucking faggot. So what? Yeah I want to be black owned and made to be a sissy slave and forced to please several black men at the same time. My place in life is nothing but a black cock cumdumpster but at least i will finally have real men’s cum inside me

    • Daddy doesnt share me. He lets his friends watch though. He makes me suck him in front of them. They can’t believe I was a male once and he likes to show them my cage.

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