The Biology of White Sissification


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There is actual science behind the triumph of the black race over whites, and it comes down to the chemistry and biology of how a superior (black) male triumphs over that which is naturally weaker (white, Asian, Latino, etc). In contrast to a violent overthrow of society or military prowess, it is actually tender, loving, and far superior.

To start:

Note that it’s either orally OR anally, but BOTH are even more powerful, working synergistically together, but it almost always starts with one of the other. It is natural to progress from one to both (usually oral to oral+anal), but it’s a gradual process, and should include emotional and mental support and encouragement too, as the biochemical process begins.

You can see here how the weaker white male chemicals (Hormones, pheromones, and others), shown by the lighter male symbols, are starting to fade while the superior, BLACK male hormones, shown by the bolder male symbols are spreading and working powerfully within the white boi’s mind, body, and sexual organs, starting to change them, and triggering a cascade of even more changes shown below.

Competing male biochemicals can’t coexist properly, so one must start to flip to a feminine-adjacent set of hormones, pheromones, and more, and it’s always the inferior WHITE processes that change in favor of the superior BLACK ones. The signals sent to the parts of the white brain (e.g. the pituitary and others) signals to the white gonads to start changing, and begin producing the new feminine white hormones that will be the appropriate match for the superior masculine black ones. At this point, external changes begin to become apparent, too.

Hormones drive most of human behaivour, and as the white hormones change, as well as the anatomical organs and processes that create them, outward behaviour and appearance of the white femme-boi both begin to accelerate to a more feminine morphology. The beauty of this is that, by becoming more feminine, the white boi becomes more attractive to superior black males, and more likely to receive more and more potent black semen both orally and anally, as well as being socially reinforced by feminine behaviour and emotions. The process is beyond irreversible at this point.

The completion of the process is both inevitable and completely natural. The superior BLACK male has fully conquered and claimed the inferior WHITE ‘male,’ yet not through violence or force, but through the loving, passionate act of sexual union. It’s utterly right and proper for BOTH sides, and the end result is both beautiful and right.This process is happening more and more all over, all over the world. White, Asian, Latino, and other inferior males are becoming loving, fulfilled, devoted GIRLS for the superior black men and boys, as is inevitable, as the human race progresses, and those changes are accelerating at a breathtaking pace. More and more of us are not only accepting, but encouraging and rejoicing in it. Shouldn’t you, too? This truly is the white-boi way!

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