How to convert a White Boi into A BBC Sissy Slave


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This isn’t mine, but wanted to share it and please if you know who produce this text let me know so i will put her proper credit , xxx

This is a guide for Superior Black Men that want to usurp their rights over crossdressing white boys. I will tell you the weaknesses and inner desires of white boys, so that you may more easily enslave and own them. If you want an obedient and addicted white boy, read on.

1) Getting a real meeting with a boy is the most crucial part of beginning the white boy emasculation.

The rest comes easy and naturally for the sissy boy. Most fantasize about being forced into it. They like the risks and are completely aware that it is a slippery slope. Blackmail and Domination is part of what they want. On some level, they want and feel they deserve to lose their identity as a man and to serve Superior Men. More than anything in the world. Any kind of resistance is just part of what the fantasy; white sissy boys have a desire to be freed from their choice. Younger and not married are more desirable.

Degrade and humiliate him in your emails. Ask him how small his little pee pee is. Tell him how you will slap his face with Your Superior Cock. You will put him on a leash. Sissy ‘s like to hear confirmation they are not real men. Call them a girl. Tell him he has a girly ass. Or if he is skinny, call him petite and effeminate. Ask him if he likes looking at a picture of Your Cock. Give him a female name as a reminder. On the reverse, make him call you Daddy (this is the absolute most humiliating name you can use, but Sir or Master work well too). If he doesn’t, tell him you will punish him. Try and get a phone number or address before he can back out. Always push to meet sooner.

2) Establishing follow up sessions. This is where most sissy boys get away. My greatest advice here is to ask the sissy if you can record and take pictures of him for your personal collection. In the moment, they will tend to say yes and do it. A simple picture of him on his knees sucking your cock could well be the key to his entire enslavement. You only need suggestively say you like the picture and want to send it to his friends if he is reluctant to meet. Record him every time after.

Chastity is another way. This is better longterm and for training. Just like other males, white sissys have that moment of wake-up and sometimes regret when they finally cum. They will do anything before that moment, but can feel like they went to far once cum. Not allowing them to cum will keep them submissive, turned on, and obedient. You can do whatever you want for however long you want. They on some level, even like the denial. They feel trapped and needy to be nice to you.

If they are resistant to this initially, you can keep pushing it, and just put it on them if you can convince them to be tied up. Forgiveness over permission. Use a device that cannot be removed without a key.

During the first meeting, make them cum, be verbal, make them tell you what a bitch they are. Make them promise they will be your sextoym. Make them give you their word they will suck you next week.

3) Training will transform the white sissy into a total, obedient slut.
You should not let them cum more than once a week. Suggest tying them up when you let them cum and you take off the device, so they have no say if it comes back on. Prolonging how long they cum will make it more intense and they will have much less chance of regret. You can anally train them to cum without stimulation from their little white penis and eventually to cum without being hard. Google sissy gasm.
Teasing around their butt with your fingers will help. The goal is to have them only cum from anal stimulation. If you have to, make them wait another week if they can’t do it without touching their tiny pee pee. Stroke them from behind like a bitch so their cock is pulled behind their legs. If they’re really are unable to cum after two weeks. Also suggest stroking like this the first time you meet them until they cum.

4) After some time, you may introduce more changes to the white sissy. Changes that cross the “point of no return” will keep a white boy as a sissy longer than anything else. They may resist to these ideas, but you can keep pushing it on them, and on some level they want it more than anything in the world. Ultimately, it is their choice.

Shaving smooth will make a huge difference in how girly the sissy looks. If you are keeping the sissy shaved,, You could eventually encourage the sissy to get laser hair removal.

Another suggestion would be a tramp stamp or other tattoos. Perhaps “sissy slut”, “Emily”, “BBC Owned”. You could have her do a trial with a Henna tattoo or just go all the way. Permanent makeup is another humiliating way to feminize the white sissy.

The final step is the one white sissy boys think about the most. They feel it is their destiny and that is a final step to submitting and giving up their ego for humiliation. Hormones. Two types, anti-androgen and estrogen. Estrogen will have the most effects, such as face breasts, and submissive tendency. Anti androgen will make them more petite, less muscle, and make their tiny pee pees even smaller. You can find more online about it. Whatever you want of them, tell them they need to look pretty and pleasurable for Men. And that they are better off this way. Affirm it is who they are on the inside.

5) Enslaving the sissy is the goal. Establish Dominance and always push the little white boys to say they are inferior. Treat them like a sextoy. Text them you want blowjobs on random days. White sissies should be your on-call fk toy. Punish them when they are bad. Use chastity to control their rewards. You can do whatever you like, turn them into a live-in maid if you like or a discreet obedient sex slave.

  • This is 100% true. We don’t even want to be real men at all when we can just give up all masculinity completely and be inferior little sissy girls instead. I have been permanently feminized and pumped full of estrogen for years now just because alpha black men with their huge cocks made me want to be a slutty little girl for the rest of my life and it’s too late to ever go back not that I would ever want to. I just want to know where that fraternity is so I can be hazed like that and have no choice but to get fucked by like 10-15 sexy black guys

  • I fought Daddy but he won. He said I was meant to be a sissy with my 4 inches I would never get a girl. Now I am his sissy girl. I can only dress as a girl.

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