Every White Boi Wants this

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Hey darling!

Did you ever wonder
why you love big black cock so much?

How it happened?

There must be an explanation don’t you think?

Let me explain it to you.
It’s important for you to understand how fucked your brain is.

To understand how addicted you are…

Hey, stop daydreaming you slut!
It happened to you, like it happened to so many men.

You’re clicking through porn on the internet and you find
interracial porn.

Suddenly, all the porn you tend to clickit’s all big black cock.

You just keep clicking on related scene You just see white girls after white girls get stuffed
by monster cocks.

And you love it!
You keep watching more and more BBC porn.

And a lot of these videos are about
black guys cuckolding white guys

The scenario is usually the same. A white couple where the girl is pounded by a massive Big Black Cock.

His dick is always three times bigger that the white guy.
And that’s what you keep watching.

That’s what felt good to watch.
You find normal porn quite boring now.
You want to see the girl fucked by a big massive black cock.The bigger, the better!

And you keep looking for more BBC porn, and realize you’re not the only one who loves it.

That’s the magic of internet, you have an endless number of content waiting for you!

And you love the humiliation about a guy being way better than you.

It point out your weakness.
Somehow, you need to see a big black cock in order to cum.

It becomes a new criteria for your videos.

You wonder if your favorite pornstar has done some BBC porn.

You even imagine your girlfriend fucked by a big black cock.

And the thought turned you on.
All this time, your brain has been slowly rewired to be a beta male.
And you just imagine a black stud fucking your girl.

With his way way way bigger cock.

His black cock has the stamina to completely satisfy women.
Rock hard
Perfectly shape
Big load with so much cum.

You love to think about big black cocks.
You can’t help it. It makes everything better. The experience is so much stronger.
It makes you wet sissy.
How does it feel?
Knowing that big black cocks turn you on like that?

Just think about how many BBC videos you’ve seen.
Hundreds? Thousands ?
You’re jealous of it somehow.
You don’t have the equipment.
You’ve seen so many black studs.
They know they are better than you.
They know how envious you are.
And that just turns you on more.
So you continue to watch BBC porn.

You know where to find your fix of BBC.
Just think about all the big black cock you’ve seen in this post.
It’s making you so horny.
Continue to touch yourself thinking about ebony meat
fucking a model.

Gorgeous women are fucked by this BBC and you know you will never be close those babes.
You look at her and wonder how he would fuck her?
Or her ?
Or if she could fit it in her mouth?
Could it fit your mouth?
I doubt it…

But just because of this question you imagined it didn’t’ you?
And you liked it.
It’s just me fucking with your mind sissy.
Keep touching yourself.
You are a real BBC lover sissy.

Say it out loud.
“I love Big Black Cock.”
Good girl.

Think about it for a while.
How you love big black cock.
If you want to be a better sissy, you need to understand and accept your desires.

It’s not about being being black.
It’s about power.
A power you don’t have, but a power you can worship.
That’s what you crave. Don’t you sissy?

Next time you see BBC porn think about it.
Think about how you love it.
Then, think about what it means…


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